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Standard Disclaimer

The Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) regulations explicitly prohibit us from recruiting students to work for a particular agent/broker. That’s why we don’t provide any type of “who is hiring” list, and we never ever provide any student’s name to any broker. We get calls all the time from brokers looking for a list of our students, and every request is denied.

Now that we have been successful in getting the course approval guidelines changed, we can incorporate a lot more real world video material in the course. From time to time, students will see agent/broker names listed.

Example: If we post a great example of drone footage/video an agent created to market a house, you’ll likely see it just as a consumer will, and then we’ll discuss why it works/was it really effective/things for you to think about in your own marketing plan going forward.

Inclusion of any agent or broker names on either our information hub or inside the actual course does not constitute any personal/business endorsement of that agent/broker service. We are not being compensated in any way by the agent, broker or brokerage company. We simply choose the resources we include based on merit, as we are always looking for the best possible content to discuss/include to provide our students an advantage over those attending other schools.

Updated on November 27, 2020

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