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FAQ Concerning Read Speaker (Text to Audio)

Question: Do I have to use it?
Answer: No. It’s not required. We are providing for all students  (who choose to use it) as an extra way to access/learn information.

Question: Will I still have access to the real human recorded audio files in the course?
Answer: Yes. We are not taking anything out of the course. We have professional audio talent record the longer materials (IE textbook material, license law manual, etc.) and that will not change. If we have an entire page previously recorded, you’ll be given the option to click play that file, or you can choose to listen via the Read Speaker player.

Question: Can I use Read Speaker on a mobile phone/inside a Canvas app on a tablet?
Answer:  The short answer right now is probably not particularly if you are also trying to use the Canvas app on a phone/tablet. If you uninstall the app and login to Canvas directly using a browser, (Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc.) it’s possible the text to audio will work just fine, but some mobile browsers have limitations so we don’t support text to audio on mobile devices. (This is particularly true if you are using a phone in which you can’t update the operating system/browser because updated are no longer provided by cell company/phone manufacture, etc.) The bottom line is you can try it without the app and it might work. If so, you should consider that a bonus, but most people who want to use text to audio extensively, should plan on using a relatively new MAC or PC computer (desktop or laptop) with an updated operating system and updated browser.

Question: Can I speed up or slow down the voice?
Answer:  Yes, just access the settings by clicking/tapping the cogwheel. The default speed is set to medium which should work for most students. The fast speed could be beneficial for reviewing before the test when you’re trying to cover material quickly.

Question: Will you be making any changes to the course because of this new text to speech system?
Answer:  Yes. All text to screen readers play back everything on the screen including picture titles, file titles, button titles if in edit mode, etc. We may move some things around on the page to ensure a clean start to the playback if someone clicks the play entire page button.

Updated on November 27, 2020

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