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  3. I can’t get logged in to the course/Canvas. Is the website down?

I can’t get logged in to the course/Canvas. Is the website down?

Are you on the correct login page? Our learning management system (Canvas) is also used by some of the largest colleges in the world, but we each have our own instance/login page. The login page for our course is: https://gwtl.instructure.com/ Note: If you are using the Canvas app, you’ll need to identify our school the first time you use it (Great Way to Learn). This will save the school/location, and you’ll be all set.

Our courses are available 99.99% of the time, but every once in a while things go haywire through no fault of our own. We use Canvas for our learning management system, and they rely on Amazon’s computer infrastructure just like a large number of companies and hundreds of thousands of websites/applications. (Yes, if Amazon goes down, many of the apps on your phone won’t receive updates because phones pull information/articles from storage Amazon provides)

We want you to be aware of the following information in case a downtime event occurs. The last time a major event happened was several years ago, and hopefully, it will be many years or longer before it happens again (never again would be great), but it’s always best to be prepared.

  1. If Canvas goes down, we will post status information on both our Twitter account @greatwaytolearn and on our Facebook page. /greatwaytolearn
  2. Canvas has a “status” page showing which parts of the service are operating normally, and they provide updates in case of downtime.  (Typically every 30 minutes or so during an outage of any type)
  3. Our main information page & this support site (for situations like this) run on an entirely different infrastructure system, so submitting a ticket/accessing the FAQ should work even if other services go down.
  4. Our goal is to minimize downtime, and we’ll do everything in our power to do so, but if there’s a huge nationwide outage what we can do can be limited as we have to track completion per course approval guidelines, and we can’t give you credit for accessing material offline.

Finally, rest assured that we’re always evaluating our options for improving up time for our students and making adjustments when necessary. We probably already spend 4x times more on our infrastructure than any other Kentucky real estate school (most purchase the cheapest learning system available), because we realize the importance of an easy-to-use system that can deliver great course content. Of course, we also understand being up and running as much as humanly possible will always be critically important to our students who access material every hour of every single day.


Todd Thornton
Owner/Great Way to Learn

Updated on November 27, 2020

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