The Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) has recently changed several rules regarding processing of background checks. In many cases, schools were not notified of the changes in interpretation, so please read the following carefully, as it’s the latest information we have received.

Anything in bold and italicized below is word for word from the KREC as of Dec 5th, 2018.

We will make every attempt to keep this page current, but we highly recommend you review the guidelines at the KREC before submitting your background check just in case there are additional changes.

Time Rule Change: On Dec 1st, 2018, the length of time a background check is good went from six (6) months to three (3) months. For students who were already in the process of getting a background check, the KREC is now saying whether they will honor the six months is dependent on the date of the returned report. This is a different interpretation from what was originally provided.  You may view a short video of Todd Thornton explaining the new interpretation here.

Criminal background reports dated before December 1, 2018, are acceptable without complications. They are valid for six months from the date of issuance. Reports dated after December 1, 2018, are valid only for 90 days.

Applicants must check with the KREC to determine the date on any returned FBI report. The completed reports were returned directly to the KREC under the State Police process.

If you have yet to send off your report, the KREC is now suggesting using the direct to FBI approach instead of using the Kentucky State Police method that has been previously used/promoted. (Either is still acceptable.) We’ll be posting step-by-step videos inside our courses as the two methods are entirely different and likely confusing at first glance.  Here’s a simplified overview. Remember, we highly recommend you view the KREC webpage on this topic.



Students submit completed fingerprint cards/request directly to the FBI, and the completed report is sent directly to the student. The student will then send the report to the KREC when applying for a license.



Students send completed fingerprint cards/request that have special routing numbers to the Kentucky State Police (KSP), and the KSP sends to the FBI database. Using the routing numbers on the card, the FBI then returns the report directly to the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC), and no further action is required by students/applicants unless there’s something on the report.