KAR 11:210 Initial Sales Associate License

Section 1
(1) Prior to applying for an initial sales associate license, a prospective applicant shall complete six (6) academic credit hours, or its equivalent, of pre-licensing education with either:
(a) An approved pre-license education provider; or
(b) An accredited institution as defined by KRS 324.010(8).

(2) An applicant for initial sales associate licensure shall submit:
(a) A national criminal history check in accordance with KRS 324.045(5) and this administrative regulation;
(b) A completed application submitted on Score Report/License Application obtained from the commission’s testing provider after passing the required examination, which shall contain a recent photo of the applicant;
(c) Proof of high school graduation, or its equivalent;
(d) Proof of completion of six (6) academic credit hours, or its equivalent (96 clock hours) in qualifying pre-license education;
(e) Proof of Errors and Omissions insurance coverage compliant with KRS 324.395 and 201 KAR 11:220, if the license will be immediately active;
(f) The nonrefundable sixty (60) dollar original license fee and sixty (60) dollar recovery fund fee required by KRS 324.287(2) and (8); and
(g) A completed and signed Consent to Jurisdiction and Service of Process, KREC Form 205, if the applicant resides outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

(3) An applicant may submit a paper or electronic application.

(4) Within ten (10) days of being issued a license number and Occupations and Professions Identification Number, OP ID, the licensee shall:
(a) Create an Online Services Portal account;
(b) Verify the licensee’s current residential address and telephone number; and
(c) Provide one (1) valid electronic mail address.

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