KAR 11:210 Broker’s License

Section 2
(1) Prior to applying for a broker’s license, a prospective applicant shall:
(a) Complete not less than twenty-one (21) academic credit hours, consistent with KRS 324.046(1)(a), of education to acquire a broker’s license, including a minimum of:

  1. Nine (9) academic credit hours of real estate courses, which shall not include an applicant’s sales associate prelicense education;
  2. Three (3) academic credit hours of Broker Management; and
  3. Nine (9) academic credit hours of broker elective courses, approved by the commission.
    (b) A licensee shall not get duplicate course credit toward a broker’s license;
    (c) A licensee shall get course credit toward his or her broker’s license by completing National Association of Realtors, NAR designation courses. Credit for the designation course shall be awarded consistent with accreditation at the time the course is completed.
    (d) An applicant for a broker’s license may submit a request for an education review by submitting a completed Broker Education Review Form, KREC Form 207.

    (2) An applicant for a broker’s license shall submit:
    (a) Proof of the requisite sales associate experience as provided in KRS 324.046(1)(b) or its equivalent as provided in KRS 324.046(3) or (4);
    (b) A completed application submitted on Score Report/License Application obtained from the commission’s testing provider after passing the required examination;
    (c) Proof of completion of the broker curriculum education real estate courses required by KRS 324.046(1)(a), KRS 324.046(3), and 201 KAR 11:170, Section 7;
    (d) Proof of Errors and Omissions insurance coverage compliant with KRS 324.395 and 201 KAR 11:220, if the license will be immediately active, or proof of extended reporting period coverage as required by KRS 324.395 if the license will be placed into inactive status;
    (e) An original copy of the applicant’s national criminal history check obtained consistent with KRS 324.045(5) and this administrative regulation;
    (f) A completed and signed Consent to Jurisdiction and Service of Process, KREC Form 205, if the applicant resides outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky; and
    (g) The nonrefundable sixty (60) dollar original license fee required by KRS 324.287(2).
    (3) An applicant may submit a paper or electronic application.

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