KAR 11:190 Consumer and administrative complaints overview; discipline; administrative hearings

KRS 324.281(5) and KRS 324.282 require the commission, with the approval of the executive director of the Kentucky Real Estate Authority, to promulgate administrative regulations necessary to implement KRS Chapter 324. KRS 324.151(1) and (3) require the commission to establish the required forms for a complaint and answer.

KRS 324.160 authorizes the commission to order sanctions.

KRS 324.170(1) requires the commission to schedule and conduct an administrative hearing in accordance with the provisions of KRS Chapter 13B prior to denying an application for license, before ordering any disciplinary action, or before suspending or revoking a license.

This administrative regulation establishes supplemental administrative hearing procedures for matters before the commission, the informal settlement process for entry of agreed orders, the required forms for a complaint or an answer, the standards for filing a sworn statement to the real estate commission, and the supplemental provisions relating to consumer access to the commission’s Research, Education, and Recovery Fund.

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