KAR 11:121 Standards of Professional Conduct

KRS 324.281(5) and 324.282 require the Real Estate Commission, with the approval of the executive director of the Kentucky Real Es-tate Authority, to promulgate administrative regulations necessary to carry out and enforce the provisions of KRS Chapter 324. KRS 324.121 authorizes a principal broker to designate an affiliated licensee to act as agent for a seller or lessor, buyer or lessee, or prospective buyer to the exclusion of all other licensees associated with the principal broker.

KRS 324.360(2) requires the commission to promulgate an administrative regulation authorizing a seller’s disclosure of conditions form with content as set forth by KRS 324.360(3). KRS 324.160(4)(e) authorizes the commission to take disciplinary action if a licensee acts for more than one (1) party in a transaction without the knowledge of all parties.

This administrative regulation establishes requirements for designated agency; the required Seller’s Disclosure of Property Condition form; a specific process and form for disclosing prior relationships between parties in a residential transaction; standards and requirements, to inform and set certain standards for licensees and to protect the public, regarding delivery of signed documents, broker supervision, broker record retention, sales associate affiliation and termination, and written agreements between licensees and consumers to provide real estate brokerage services, including standards for listing and purchase contracts; and behavior considered improper conduct

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