KAR 11:121 Improper Conduct

Section 1. Improper Conduct.

(1) In addition to the obligations and prohibitions set forth in KRS 324.160, a licensee shall not:
(a) Accept or agree to accept, or offer or agree to offer, anything of value to another person in violation of the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 12 U.S.C. 2601 through 2617 (“RESPA”).. This provision shall not affect paying or receiving referral fees between principal brokers for brokerage services;

(b) Refuse or prohibit any prospective purchaser from viewing or inspecting real estate listed for sale or lease with the real estate brokerage company with which the licensee is affiliated, without the written and signed direction of the listing or leasing client. This provision shall not be construed to permit otherwise unlawful discrimination;

(c) Offer real estate for sale or lease without written consent from the person or persons, or entity or entities authorized to sell or lease the subject real estate;

(d) Fail to satisfy one (1) or more of the following fiduciary duties owed to the licensee’s client:

Obedience to lawful instructions;
Reasonable care and diligence; and

(e) Fail to satisfy one (1) or more of the following duties owed to the licensee’s prospective client:

Good faith;
Fair dealing; and
The duty of confidentiality;Obedience to lawful instructions;

(f) Fail to satisfy one (1) or more of the following duties owed to a consumer or to any other party in a transaction:

Good faith; and
Fair dealing;

(g) Enter an ongoing team or group relationship with any other licensee at the same broker-age company without the written consent of the principal broker;

(h) Induce any party to a contract for sale or lease to break the contract for the purpose of substituting in lieu thereof a new contract for sale or lease with another client;

(i) If advertising real property at an absolute auction, sell the advertised property to anyone other than the highest bona fide bidder on the day of the auction; and

(j) If dually licensed as an auctioneer and real estate licensee, before a real estate licensee commences an auction, the licensee shall disclose his or her status as a real estate licensee to potential purchasers and whether he or she intends to bid during the auction.

(2) The fiduciary duty of confidentiality, if owed, shall survive the termination of the Agency Consent Agreement contemplated in Section 6 of this administrative regulation.

(3) It shall not be considered improper conduct for a licensee to advertise the fee or other compensation the principal broker agrees to charge for his or her services.

(4) It shall not be considered improper conduct for a licensee to offer rebates, discounts, or other inducements to consumers, prospective clients, or clients to use the licensee’s services or truthfully advertise the same.

(5) It shall not be considered improper conduct for a licensee to use his or her registered nickname in place of the licensee’s first name anytime the licensee shall identify himself or herself on an official document or to the commission.

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