KAR 11:105 Advertising- Content Required

Section 2. Content Required. (1)(a) The principal broker, or his or her designee, shall establish written standards for review and approval of advertising activity of the real estate company and affiliated licensees to ensure compliance with KRS Chapter 324 and 201 KAR Chapter 11.
(b) Pursuant to KRS 324.160(6), a principal broker shall be held liable for acts by an affiliated licensee or licensees that the principal broker knew or should have known about that are in violation of either the principal broker’s standards for review and approval, or KRS Chapter 324 and 201 KAR Chapter 11.

(2) All advertisements shall include:
(a) The full name of the real estate brokerage company registered with the commission; or
(b) The full name of the principal broker registered with the commission, with a clear designation of principal broker status.

(3)(a) An advertisement may include in written text an affiliated licensee’s first and last name, or an alternate or assumed name as set forth in Section 4 of this administrative regulation, as registered with the commission, if the principal broker has informed the commission of the affiliated licensee’s first and last name, or alternate or assumed name being used.

(b) Each affiliated licensee shall be limited to the use of one (1) nickname in place of, or along with, the licensee’s first name, and it shall be the responsibility of each individual licensee to inform the commission of the nickname being used. A nickname shall not be used unless the nickname is reflected on the licensee’s online services portal before use.

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