How We Can Help You

Over the past decade, we’ve helped more students pass the Kentucky Real Estate Exam than anyone else.

Sure we have all the resources you are familiar with including sample questions, flashcards, glossaries, videos, audio clips, etc., but the real key to our students’ success has to do with being given a successful plan of attack that makes sense based on what the testing companies are doing at any given time.

You need to know why/how to adjust so you will ultimately win the battle!

The testing companies routinely change their methods so you need an instructor who knows how they think, and can plan a successful counterattack for their students.

HELPING Students Pass Using Easy Steps

​4 Step Proven Process

Step 1

​Us Explaining

We explain concepts in easy to use language using variety of methods.

Step 2

Us Connecting

We then help you connect the dots to examples/other related topics.

Step 3

You Comprehending

You will be able to understand nuances & have a deeper meaning.

Step 4

You Executing

You then have the tools you need to pass your tricky exam.

why students struggle on their Real estate Exam

Does this sound familiar?


We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in online education and developing a system based on speed of learning!

Courses Coming August 1st, 2021

New Cram Opens Soon

We’re working hard on our new courses and anticipate courses opening around the first of August. If you need help now, check out the Knowledge Base tab in the menu or click/tap here. We’ve created the most searchable way to quickly find statutes and regulations.