You will have until the end of October 2021 to finish the course. We can’t guarantee the 96 hour pre-license course will be renewed again, so if you don’t feel you can complete by the end of October, we recommend you choose another school.

Todd Thornton (Founder/Owner) has created several videos which you can access below explaining his decision to move to “unregulated” courses.

Yes. Todd has committed to keeping all existing VIP support in place and continuing to provide the best experience possible including updating the course when needed.

Yes, we plan on keeping the courses open for registration, but only those who can finish within the stated time frame should register.

Sure. Just look for the last two videos in the playlist below. We’ve included one on search functionality in the new system to more easily study law and one on using artificial intelligence in writing ad copy.

No. We will soon be rolling out a brand new cram course on our new platform. All existing pre-license students will also be given free access to the new cram course.

Yes. We issue completion certificates when you finish the course, complete our evaluation form and pass our final exam. Once are courses are no longer approved for credit, we could not issue completion certificates at that time. Once issued the completion certificate is good indefinitely.

No. For best results, you should take the exam within a few weeks of completing the 96 hour course, but the new cram course will be available to you as long as you need it.

We pay for 3rd party content when you register as we license more content than any other course provider. We have no way to recoup that money nor the money we budget for support. Our stated full refund policy is 14 days from enrollment. We will look at each case and try to be as fair as we can, but reiterate if you don’t think you can finish by October you really shouldn’t register for our course.