New Cram Course Available May 24th

Self Paced Online Sales Associate & Broker Study Guide and Cram Course Available 24/7.

(Approximately 24 hours will be needed to review all the included material- It’s up to you whether you review everything or just pick certain topics.)

The following material is included with the study guide/cram course (90 days unlimited access).

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* 7 Kentucky Law Videos Covering Statutes, Regulations, Agency, and Sellers Disclosure Forms
* Kentucky Specific Content (Sample Exams)
* Streaming audio and/or downloadable MP3 Files of all Kentucky Law Statutes
* Various Game Formats to Make Reviewing Fun
* Our Exclusive “Things to Remember Checklists”
* Previous Disciplinary Hearings/Outcomes Database
* Online Searchable Glossary
* Test Taking Tips
* No Pass No Pay Guarantee*


[symple_highlight color=”yellow”]*Our pledge is that you pass the exam on your first try or we’ll refund your $100 exam fee. All you have to do is access our class and then take the actual license exam. If you don’t pass the exam on the first try, you would provide us with a copy of your testing report from the testing center and we’ll refund your $100 exam fee no questions asked.[/symple_highlight]

There are sites online that promote cram CD’s for under $100 that contain thousands of sample test questions.
What’s the difference between those and this course?
Answer: There’s actually several differences.

1) Almost all of those CD’s don’t contain any specific Kentucky questions. They are mainly designed for the general portion of the exam covering generic real estate topics and in many cases the questions are a decade old. If you are just taking the Kentucky portion of the exam, they won’t do you any good at all. (We also provide all our pre-license students access to multiple sample questions on both the general and the Kentucky part of the exam)

2) A cram course by definition is cramming material that you’ve already covered. If you haven’t had a class on Kentucky law it would be difficult to just “cram” material that you’ve never gone over. On standardized tests today, you have to know more than simple definitions, you have to be able to apply them to a scenario. For instance, every year a licensee has to take continuing education to remain licensed but there are several exceptions to the rule. Learning the exceptions would be very difficult unless someone covered the material thoroughly instead of you trying to figure them all out based on individual test questions.  (One question might only contain one exception) We call our course a “study guide and cram course” because it’s so much more than what you’d get on a CD.

3) Most of these CD’s only contain multiple choice quizzes. There’s no videos, there’s no audio to listen to on your MP3 player, there’s nothing except having you take questions over and over again. That’s not conducive to a full understanding of the material. After all, you’re going to be responsible for following all the Kentucky real estate license laws whether you know them all or not. In addition, there’s no way the sample test questions can exactly mimic the license exam because it’s illegal for any school to steal questions from the testing company and use them in their classes. Questions are added all the time and drawn from “pools of questions.  You need to “understand the concept behind the question” so you can answer correctly regardless of the exact wording you see on your particular exam.

[symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”There’s a reason why our school has one of the highest real estate exam passing percentages in the state.” margin_top=”20px;” margin_bottom=”20px” text_align=”left” font_size=””] In Kentucky, we’re the only school that has the statutes via MP3 files, we’re the only school that offers a variety of formats, and we’re the only school with a no questions asked guarantee on your first exam fee so we stand by our results.

Note: A high speed Internet connection (DSL/Cable, etc.) is required to register for any of our online courses. Even a slower DSL connection (256k or lower) may cause you to experience wait times as videos and other multimedia resources load. If you have any questions about whether your computer setup meets our technical requirements, please contact us via email before registering for any courses.