Before you decide on any school for your courses, make sure you understand exactly what you are receiving. Value is a function not of what you pay but of what you receive and we believe we provide more value than any other school in the country.

Because we put more effort into creating high quality material than any other real estate school. Check out a compilation reel of some of the videos we’ve created.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Choose Our School:

We have a special partnership with to provide our students (as part of our success course) free access to their entire library of video tutorials. Click here for details, but if you had to pay for just six months of access to the premium subscription on it alone would cost $225. Depending on the course our students get between 6 months and 1 year of free access. (Over 1,500 courses currently available) Getting your real estate license is only the first step to success in this business so from Photography to Face-Book marketing, we have you covered with free ongoing training.

Courses Available Online 24/7 (Priceless)- Unlike other schools who force you to sit in front of a webcam at certain times (You never need a webcam for our courses) or have an “in class” schedule for part of the course. It’s not really online if part of it is in the classroom is it? In contrast, our courses are available right now. You set your own schedule, complete sections when it’s convenient, and always access when you choose. Don’t let any real estate school tell you what’s convenient for you!
If you don’t pass the Kentucky real estate license exam on your first attempt, we’ll reimburse your first exam fee. ($100) No questions asked. All you have to do is provide a copy of your exam report. We encourage you to compare our guarantee with any other school you might be considering. (Assuming you can find another school with one) They talk about performance, we prefer to guarantee it!

Free Comprehensive Online Cram Course($199 value)- For all pre-license and broker courses, we also include a free self paced cram course. With the included videos, our cram course alone may be better than most schools pre-license and broker courses.

Free Course Preview-We’ve provided a free preview from day one for students who wanted to kick the tires. It’s interesting how others claim their courses are great, but don’t give you the opportunity to see for yourself unless you pay.

Free Textbook-(Normally around a $50 value) If a course has an associated textbook, it’s included with tuition. We also include a state exam candidate handbook and for law courses, a searchable online Kentucky License Law manual.

Free Expedited Shipping-In addition to course materials, we’ll include blank fingerprint cards and information about the background check all sent via USPS Priority Mail for 1-2 day delivery.

Free Proctored/Monitored Final Exam (Up to $75 value)- A final/proctored/monitored exam is required for all Kentucky Real Estate Commission approved 48 hour and 96 hour courses. (online or classroom) Beware of some online schools who force you to find and pay for a proctor or worse require you to travel to their home office to take the exam. We have 20+ locations in Kentucky already setup and we take care of the proctoring fee when you need to take your final exam. We’ve even worked with dozens of out of state students to find and then pay for proctors delivering the exam.

Quick Response Times to Receive Support/Questions Answered– Based on industry surveys, our support response times are 23X faster than the typical person receives while taking an online course at a college/university. During normal business hours our response times to emails/questions is typical measured in minutes. Granted we are not available 24/7, but even if you leave a questions at 2 o’clock in the morning, you’d likely receive an answer the first thing when support opens.

High Quality Course Resources– Most real estate schools in Kentucky resell online courses from a textbook company that has basically put text from their books online, add a couple of quizzes or matching exercises and then call it an online course. There’s virtually no audio or video included in the course. Our courses are proprietary (we designed them ourselves from the ground up) to provide a full multi-media experience. Examples include down-loadable MP3 files, professionally edited review videos, online flash cards, and even picture based glossaries.

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Not Convinced? Here Are Five (5) Additional Reasons:

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An Instructor Who Will Prepare You for the Real World
Todd Thornton designed our courses by incorporating real world experiences and stories from his time as an agent and then as a principal broker running a successful real estate office. As a result brokers tells us our students seem more prepared to hit the ground running than those from any other school.
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An Instructor Who Tries to Position You for the Future Not the Past
Todd Thornton ran one of the first brokerages in the country with high speed Internet access. He was even interviewed by the Associated Press about technology and trends in the real estate business way back in 2000. His students have known about demographic changes and the need to focus their marketing for a long time. Do you really want to learn from an instructor or school whose just now figuring out the Internet has changed the way we live/work.
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Our Company Employees Live On The Web
– Why is this important to you? Because we sift through the best information online and bring that same information to our online courses in real time. There’s no way a “traditional” school can provide this kind of updated information. In fact, they are probably still using the same transparencies (Yes, some schools haven’t even updated to PowerPoint) they’ve been using for 10 years.
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Our Courses Are Updated Continuously
We’re always looking for new case studies, news stories, or unique examples we can use in our courses. It’s not just outside information either because if a student asks a question we think others will find beneficial, that gets updated right away to any number of our included FAQ sections inside each course for immediate access by other students.
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To Summarize-[symple_highlight color=”yellow”]Our Courses Are Just Better![/symple_highlight] 
It may seem like we’re gloating, but facts matter. Our passing percentages are extremely high. Our students evaluations consistently rate us highly. We spend more money on e-learning tools than any other school and we have more experience designing online real estate courses in Kentucky than anyone else. There’s a reason we are the #1 online real estate school in KY and it’s not luck.